Purchase A Premium Starter Bundle

Five easy steps to purchasing a Young Living starter kit and becoming a Young Living member


Click to get started: https://bit.ly/YLVanessaAinsley

It will auto-fill my membership number, but if for some reason it doesn’t, please add it: 4286597. You may get a pop-up confirming that Ainsley Lifestyle Pte. Ltd. is your Enroller and Sponsor; this is correct!


Choose your Premium Starter Bundle, Young Living’s most popular bundle that comes with 12 of the most popular essential oils. Select your diffuser – I got the Desert Mist, which I love. The main difference between diffusers is aesthetics. They vary slightly in terms of run time. The Aria is made of glass and it is the popular choice for bigger spaces like offices. When you purchase your starter kit, this automatically makes you a Young Living member, giving you 24% off retail price for everything!


Click YES I would like to enrol in Essential Rewards and earn free products. Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly wellness box that you earn rebates on. Each month, you’ll order 100 PV worth of products. (PV = Points Value, every product has a Points Value.) You also get discounted shipping rates, freebies, and access to exclusive promotions. Joining ER right away will award you with 10 points back that you can use towards free product. This program is completely optional, but highly recommended. It’s the best way to start your low tox journey with Young Living and get the most bang for your buck! You can join and quit this program at any time, but the rebates do start from the beginning again if you stop and restart.

If now isn’t the right time to join ER for you, that is totally cool, too. Select NO and it will take you to the next step. Please skip Step 4 in these instructions.


Select one of the pre-made orders (Ningxia or Thieves) for your next monthly order. You won’t be charged for this until the following month and you can change this before your processing date. You’ll have the next four weeks to change this!

Again, you can cancel at any time, and there is no cancellation cost.


Enter your personal details, and create a username, password and 4-digit PIN number. You’ll need your username and password to sign into your account online. You’ll need your PIN number for if/when you contact customer service, as well as if you pick-up your order in person. Once you submit your payment details, you’re all done!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ◡̈ YOU’RE IN!!!!! ◡̈

I’ll be notified once you sign up, so I’ll contact you shortly after with a Welcome PDF, and Welcome gift! I’ll get you plugged into our incredible community, The Thrive Collective, asap! You’ll gain access to heaps of online resources and a beautiful community to support you and your oily journey. Feel free to reach out to me anytime! So excited to have you xx