Want to work with me?

If you’ve been interested in working with me, below are my offerings:

The Thrive Collective

Want to learn how to run an essential oils business? If you’re passionate about health and wellness and growing a side hustle (or full-time hustle!) I’m always looking for people who want to RUN with me and build your own business. This business is all about helping others elevate their health and wellness and naturally support their bodies. Want in? Join my team! You will gain full support and business mentorship, with a whole oily community backing you and aiding your growth.

Roller bottle workshop

(1.5 hours)

Discover why I personally choose and trust Young Living and what makes it different from other companies, as well as how these oils have transformed my life and well-being. Experience the oils yourself by making 2 of your own rollers to take home with you. Options for rollers include support for sleep, immunity, and emotions.

Release workshop

(2 hours)

Deep dive into your insecurities, toxic thoughts, and limiting beliefs. Get ready to look within and face your inner demons. This interactive, intensive workshop includes guided writing, movement, mindfulness meditation and more!

One-on-one coaching

(1-2 hours)

If you’re interested in my release workshop but aren’t comfortable in group settings, and/or if you have specific needs that you want more personalised help with, then one-on-one coaching might be for you. My methods are very interactive and require you to do heavy work. Open communication and willingness to participate in activities is imperative for optimal transformations.

Meditation sessions

(30 mins to 1 hour)

Calm your body and your mind through a guided mindfulness meditation session, releasing thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. Reflect on emotions and sensations that arise, learning how to best move and work through them.

Group fitness bootcamps

(30-45 mins)

Always providing a challenging yet fun session, get ready to sweat during a high intensity interval training workout! This all bodyweight, no equipment class is suitable to everyone, no matter your current exercise regime. Modifications will be provided for those with injuries. Bring a towel, yoga mat, water, and lots of energy!


Please contact me for further information. I look forward to working with you!