Why Young Living

There are so many essential oils companies out there, so why Young Living? 

These are the reasons I chose to use Young Living and why I don’t trust any other brand:

1) Seed to Seal and Extensive Testing

The essential oil industry is not regulated, so any company can say that they’re 100% pure and organic, but they’re actually only 3% pure organic oil, with the other 97% being synthetics and chemical fillers. These synthetics and fillers are known to be hormone disrupters and negatively affect your health.

Young Living has the most stringent “Seed to Seal” process to make sure they’re actually therapeutic and organic. They are the highest quality of essential oils in the world. It takes 2-3 YEARS just to produce 1 product because of their extensive testing. Their testing goes above and beyond any other company on the market. Each batch undergoes 18-20 tests in triplet, twice, meaning bottles can be tested up to 120 times before you receive it. Plus, they’re the only essential oil company to offer an open-door policy, meaning you can go visit their farms and distilleries.

2) Culinary Line

Young Living has a culinary line that has been tested and approved to ingest. I love to use them to flavour my water; they also enhance my baking and take it to the next level! Please DO NOT ingest any other brand of essential oils!

3) No Modification or Fractionation

Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that doesn’t modify and fraction (double or triple distil) their essential oils.⁣ Fractionation is a separation process that removes the heavier molecules through distillation to make the oils smell sweeter. A good way of understanding this is to think about milk. 2% milk is fractionated by skimming off the fat from the top. When repeated, this creates 1% and skim milk. When oils are fractionated and the heavier molecules are removed, therapeutic benefits are also removed. While this creates a more pleasant and sweeter aroma, I personally would prefer the deep, constituent-based, true, botanical oil.

These essential oils have changed my life.

Here is a video of 10 Reasons Why Young Living is Different, so please check it out:


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