How I Got Into Essential Oils

How my oily journey started

This all started early last year (2019) when I started hearing about essential oils and their benefits (for sleep, hormones, immunity, etc). To be frank, I thought it was a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. I was skeptical. I had bought some cheap essential oils online that did nothing for me, so I thought no essential oils could actually benefit my health.

My friend Liz raves about Young Living essential oils and uses them every day. She taught me that Young Living was the purest, safest, best quality essential oils out there that are therapeutic-grade, so I looked into it.

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Premium Starter Bundle

I decided that I’d give it a shot and buy a Premium Starter Bundle to test the waters. The Premium Starter Bundle comes with 12 of the most popular oils plus a diffuser. 

I was super overwhelmed when I first got the bundle because there was so much to learn! Thankfully, joining with Liz meant that I gained access to The Thrive Collective, which is an oily community that provides heaps of resources and information about all things Young Living!!

The results

And once I started using them, I fell in LOVE!!!!! They provide support for my skin, health, hair, emotions, and I use them in everything from cleaning to cooking! I can’t imagine my life without them!

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Have you tried Young Living essential oils?

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