100 Things I Love About Me

August: Self Love Month

For Self Love Month with The Thrive Collective, we were tasked by Elle and Ella to write a list of 100 things that we love about ourselves. My first thought was, “Dang!!! 100?! That’s going to take forever!!” I didn’t think I’d be able to come up with that many. But I did it!! I did it!!! ◡̈

Vanessa Ainsley - 100 things I love about me

1. I love with my whole heart.
2. I give thoughtful and meaningful gifts. I really love giving.
3. I will drop everything and be there for my loved ones when they need me.
4. I am loyal to a fault. (I feel guilty for things that I do in dreams, like holding someone else’s hand!)
5. I am a straight shooter and to-the-point.
6. I don’t need alcohol to have fun. I don’t need any substances to have a good time, actually! I’ve never felt the need to desire to try them either.
7. I help people in every and any way that I can.
8. I am caring.
9. I am intelligent.
10. I continuously work on improving myself.
11. I am compassionate.
12. I am vegan for the animals; I love animals so much!!
13. I care about the environment. I do my best to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.
14. I don’t punish my body with restrictions. I eat what I want when I want!
15. I take care of my health the best that I can.
16. I fuel my body with the best foods.
17. My legs are long and beautiful.
18. My skin is great and I have never had problems with acne or anything.
19. I am kind.
20. I am generous.
21. I am punctual. I value and respect other people’s time.
22. I am never too proud to apologise or admit that I’m wrong.
23. I am respectful.
24. I am sensitive, and I embrace my sensitivity and don’t try to hide it.
25. I have a children’s aura, so I attract them to me like a magnet and they feel safe with me. I’m very instinctively motherly.
26. I have magic fingers and give remarkable massages.
27. I am an open book.
28. I am a great storyteller, with many entertaining stories.
29. I’m a fast learner.
30. I am always up for trying new things.
31. I am forgiving.
32. I don’t judge others (or I try not to, at least!)
33. I treat everyone with kindness, no matter who they are.
34. Money and status doesn’t impress me.
35. I’m easily satisfied – give me fries or coffee and that usually automatically puts me in a great mood.
36. I am a student of life, always learning.
37. I am hard working.
38. I love on people as much as I can, and encourage everyone to live their dreams.
39. I value quality time over material things.
40. My hair is silky smooth.
41. I have great boobs.
42. My stomach is sexy.
43. I have a small and cute nose.
44. I’m silly and make people laugh.
45. I don’t take myself too seriously.
46. I am Type A and I love planning.
47. I bring people together.
48. I can get ready in less than 10 minutes.
49. I don’t wear any makeup, and don’t feel the need to.
50. I’m efficient.
51. I always pay my bills on time.
52. I’m an early adopter.
53. My singing.
54. My dancing.
55. My instrument-playing.
56. I’m good at picking up languages.
57. My spontaneity.
58. My risk-taking fearlessness.
59. My passion for making a difference in the world.
60. My competitiveness.
61. My music taste.
62. How I am not ashamed of the things that I like.
63. My authenticity.
64. I’m a fabulous baker.
65. I cook bomb af vegan food.
66. I’m good at checking in on people and maintaining strong friendships.
67. I have a soothing voice and I am a great meditation facilitator.
68. That I give blood regularly, even though I’m petrified of needles. I’m willing to face my fears if it benefits others.
69. I don’t live in denial. I face my problems and fears, and work to grow through them.
70. I can eat a lot of food.
71. I am a morning person and I appreciate calm, slow mornings.
72. I am strong.
73. I am reliable.
74. I am endurant.
75. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
76. My energy!
77. My positivity.
78. I give awesome advice.
79. I’m great at listening.
80. I am a pretty good conversationalist and can talk with almost anyone.
81. I always try to make everyone feel included. No man left behind!
82. I am a hype girl, even if I don’t personally know you.
83. I am vocal and speak up about injustice.
84. I can tread water forever! Or, like, a really long time.
85. I get super ridiculously excited for good food.
86. I’m a child at heart and my inner child comes out often.
87. I allow myself to feel and cry.
88. I am proud of my heritage.
89. I get excited and am in complete awe when there’s a pretty sunset. Every. Single. Time.
90. I always say thank you, and practice gratitude daily.
91. I am present when I’m with others, and give my full attention.
92. My bum is small, but cute.
93. My freckles and beauty marks on my face are unique and beautiful.
94. I can type pretty fast and I (mostly) type with the correct fingers.
95. I’m the friend who you can bounce ideas off of and have deep and meaningful conversations with.
96. Nothing is ever TMI to me. I love it when people open up to me and tell me personal things; I really value and respect that.
97. I’m incredibly affectionate.
98. I’m a super great kisser.
99. I give amazing big bear hugs!
100. I am wonderful photographer and will take all the angles of you.

Have you even written a list like this?

The exercise was an interesting one for me… I would go through spurts of having heaps of things and then get stuck for a while, but then think of more. It definitely wasn’t me writing non-stop for the whole list. I had to pause (sometimes for quite a long time) to come up with more reasons. I highly suggest writing a list of your own!!

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