Switching From Corporate to Fitness

At this time, Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide was growing in popularity in Singapore. I wanted to meet more like-minded women who were interested in fitness and health, too. So I created and ran a community of (300+) women who got together for monthly meet-ups. Naturally, I led the workouts, since no one else felt comfortable leading bootcamps and because I have quite a loud voice and have no problems speaking in front of people. I had so much fun doing it, and my mom encouraged me to get my personal training certification.

BBG Meet-up SG

I went on to quit my job in advertising, and went on to get my ACE Personal Trainer certificate.

From there, I got a job at Virgin Active Singapore.

Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar Fitness Team


Why did I make the switch?
I really wanted to get out of an office job, and move into an active role where I could move around and help people. I didn’t want to help big companies make more money. I wanted to make a change in people’s lives. I wanted to help people in their fitness journeys. I wanted to help people get stronger, healthier, and more confident. I wanted to make a difference. Personally.

Did you get any negativity from friends or loved ones?
Of course there will always be haters. There were people who told me that I was wasting my time, that a career in fitness was short-lived, that I was throwing away my expensive business school education. But ultimately, your life is yours to create and live how you want to. It is completely up to you, and there is nothing wrong with changing your mind ever. YOU DO YOU!! Whatever makes you happy, do that.

When is it “too late” to switch careers?
NEVER!!! You can change your mind at any point in your life, at any age. It is never too late to change careers to something that lights you up, that makes you feel like you’re living out your purpose.

Did I miss any questions that you have?

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Although I no longer work full-time as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I absolutely loved the whole process and helping my clients. I’m so interested and passionate about health and wellness. I plan on furthering my education in the wellness sector by attaining my yoga teacher training certification, as well as my nutrition certification. I’m also actively practicing mindfulness meditation and am continuing to learn more about it every day.

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