My 2 biggest changes from using essential oils

I started using Young Living oils in March 2019, and have noticed two major life changes:

My period used to be a week of Hell for me. I’d get terrible cramps, the kind that felt like I had an evil, alien monster clawing at my insides!! I would be in so much pain that I’d need to stay in bed all day. I remember having to go home from school because of it. I’ve had horrible period cramps since my period started, but now that I use hormonal support oils, I don’t get cramps at all anymore!!

Oils I use: Progessance Plus, Endoflex, and Dragon Time

I used to be the girl who was “sick all the time”!! At least once a month without fail I’d get sick. My immune system was non-existent. If anyone around me was ill, I would for sure catch whatever they had. The last time I got sick since using Young Living was June 2019 when I had a fever/cold for 2 weeks. I have not gotten sick since!!! For someone who’s used to falling ill at least once a month, this is unheard of!!

This is especially surprising because I went to Korea over the winter, and my boyfriend, who I was living with, got sick twice, and I didn’t catch what he had!!! SHOOK!!

Oils I use: Thieves and Oregano

I have experienced a lot of positive benefits from using these oils, but these were the two biggest changes. I couldn’t be happier!!

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the 2 biggest changes from using essential oils included natural female hormones support   the 2 biggest changes from using essential oils included natural immunity support

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